Clamps and Rigging

90 degree Offset Drop Pin$2.10/day
Mini Sledge Hammer$3/day
Baby Boom Arm$15/day
Tie Down Stake (Ground Spike)$2/day
Drop Ceiling Clamp (Scissor Clip)$2/day
Chain Vice Grip w/ Baby Pin$6.50/day
Junior to Baby Adapter$2.10/day
Bead Board Holder (Quacker)$3.50/day
Knuckle Head Wall Plate$4/day
Cheeseboro Swivel$2/day
Grip Head 2.5" (Gobo)$2/day
Furniture Pad$2/day
Grip Head 4.5" (Lollipop)$5/day
Cheeseboro Fixed$2/day
Grip Saver$22/day
Triple Baby Header$5/day
Chain Vice Grip$6/day
Grid Clamp Junior$5/day
Pipe Clamp w/ Bolt$2/day
Safety Chain$1/day
Baby Drop Down$2/day
Condor Bracket$40/day
Putty Knife w/ Baby Pin$2/day
Recessed Light Socket to 5/8 Pin$2/day
Broken Arm (Friction Arm)$10/day
Broken Arm w/ Camera Plate$10/day
Junior Drop Down$5/day
Stirrup 6-9'$15/day
Gaffer Grip$5/day
Stirrup 3-6'$15/day
Baby Double Header$8/day
I-Beam to Grid Clamp$2.50/day


Autopole Large$7/day
Autopole Medium$12/day
Autopole Small$22/day

Cardellinis and Mafers

Cardellini Center Jaw 2"$3/day
Mafer Clamp w/ Baby Pin (Superclamp)$2.10/day
Cardellini End Jaw 2"$3/day
Cardellini End Jaw 6"$3/day

Wall Plates

Baby Wall Plate 6"$3/day
Baby Wall Plate 3"$2.50/day
Junior Wall Plate$2.10/day

Furniture Clamps

Furniture Clamp 24"$3.50/day
Furniture Clamp 18"$3.10/day

Pipe and Squarestock Hardware

Pipe Frame Set 1.25"$20/day
Pipe Coupler 1.5"$2/day
Pipe Coupler 1.25"$3/day
Square Stock Coupler$3/day
Truss Bracket for 1.25" (Triangle)$5/day
Truss Bracket to Jr. Pin 1.25"$5/day

Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum Pipe 12' x 1.25"$12/day
Aluminum Pipe 8' x 1.25"$8/day
Aluminum Pipe 6' x 1.25"$6/day
Aluminum Pipe 10' x 1.25"$10/day
Aluminum Pipe 20' x 1.25"$20/day
Aluminum Pipe 10' x 1.5"$10/day
Aluminum Pipe 20' x 1.5"$20/day

Offsets and Side Arms

Junior Offset Arm$5/day
Baby Offset Arm$3.50/day
Baby Side Arm$5/day
Junior Side Arm$5/day
Telescoping Junior Offset$10/day


C-Clamp 4" w/ Baby Pin$2/day
C-Clamp 12" w/ Baby Pin$4/day
C-Clamp 8" w/ Jr. Recievers$4.50/day
C-Clamp 10" w/ Jr. Recievers$4.50/day
C-Clamp 8" $2/day
Speed C Clamp$15/day
C-Clamp 8" w/ Baby Pin$3.10/day
C-Clamp 10" w/ Baby Pin$3/day
C-Clamp 6" w/ Baby Pin$3.10/day
C-Clamp 12" w/ Jr. Receivers$10/day
C-clamp 4" w/ Jr Reciever $4/day
C-clamp 6" w/ Jr Receiver $4/day
C-Clamp 6" $2/day
C-Clamp 4"$2/day

Grip Arms

30" Short Arm$1.50/day
40" Long Arm$1.50/day
20" Short Arm$1.50/day

Spring Clamps

Spring Clamp #1 rental$1/day
Spring Clamp #2 rental$1/day
Spring Clamp #3 rental$1/day

Grid and Pipe Clamps

Big Ben$3/day
Little Ben$3/day
Pipe Clamp Baby$2.50/day
Pipe Clamp Junior$2.50/day

Menace Arms

Menace Arm $17.50/day
Matthews Mini Max Menace$120/day
Matthews MAX Menace Arm$400/day

Wall Spreaders

Pipe Wall Spreader$11.50/day
Telescoping Pipe Wall Spreader$15/day
2X4 Wall Spreader$10/day