Electrical Distribution

Distro Power Package$200/each


60A to 4 Edison Fan Out/Squid$10/day
60A Bates Splitter$5/day
100A to 60A Bates Splitter$7/day
100A Bates Splitter$10/day
100a Snake Bite$7/day
Turnaround (MM Cam)$2/day
Turnaround (FF Cam)$2/day
Cam Hard Tee MFF$2/day
Threefer F-MMM (Crows Foot)$5/day
Threefer M-FFF (Crows Foot)$5/day
Generator Tie In Lug to Cam F Single$2/day
Trico Test Clamp Med$3/day
4 Pin Twist Lock to 60A Bates$5/day
Hard Threefer MFFF$10/day
Hard Threefer FMMM$10/day
Cam Hard Tee FMM$2/day

Distro Boxes

60A Woodhead$15/day
100A Lunch Box$22.50/day
400A Dead End Box$55/day
600A Dead End Box$60/day
600A Passthrough Box$90/day
100A Woodhead$15/day


25' 60A Bates$10/day
50' 60A Bates$12/day
25' 100A Bates$12/day
50' 100a Bates$18/day
5 Wire Banded #2 25'$20/day
5 Wire Banded #2 50'$30/day
50' 2/0 Feeder Single$15/day
Cable Crossover Ramp$15/day