Electrical Distribution

Distro Power Package$200/each


10' 60A Bates Extension

Rent this 10ft Extension Cable: 60 Amp 125 VAC, (1) Bates (Stage Pin) Male Plug to (1) 60 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) Female Connector, (3) #6 Type SC Cables (Banded)

25' 60A Bates$10/day
50' 60A Bates$12/day
25' 100A Bates Extension

Rent this 25ft Extension Cable: 100 Amp 125 VAC, (1) Bates (Stage Pin) Male Plug to (1) 100 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) Female Connector, (2) #4 Type SC Black and (1) #6 Type SC Green Cables (Banded)

50' 100A Bates Extension

Rent this 50ft Extension Cable: 100 Amp 125 VAC, (1) Bates (Stage Pin) Male Plug to (1) 100 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) Female Connector, (2) #4 Type SC Black and (1) #6 Type SC Green Cables (Banded)

5 Wire Banded #2 25'$20/day
5 Wire Banded #2 50'$30/day
50' 2/0 Feeder Single$15/day
Cable Crossover Ramp$15/day

Distro Boxes

60A Woodhead$15/day
100A Lunch Box

Rent this 100 Amp capacity Feed-Through Duplex Distribution Box is also known as a LunchBox. It has a 100 amp Bates (Stage Pin) input with 5 hospital grade, 20A breakered duplex receptacles. It has an aluminum enclosure with reinforced edges and nylon skids. The skids provide isolation from earth-ground, and assist in stacking.

400A Dead End Box$55/day
600A Dead End Box$60/day
600A Passthrough Box$90/day
100A Woodhead

Rent this portable power distribution box connected with a 100 Amp Bates paddle out to 6x Edison outlets on 5 individual 20Amp breakers.   



60A to 4 Edison Fan Out/Squid$10/day
60A Bates Splitter$5/day
100A to 60A Bates Splitter

Rent this 100 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) to 2x 60 Amp Bates Splitter

100A Bates Splitter

Rent this 100 Amp Bates to 2x 100 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) Splitter

100a Snakebite

Rent this Female 100 Amp Bates (Stage Pin) to Male Camlock Connectors:  Snakebite

Turnaround (MM Cam)$2/day
Turnaround (FF Cam)$2/day
Cam Hard Tee MFF$2/day
Threefer F-MMM (Crows Foot)$5/day
Threefer M-FFF (Crows Foot)$5/day
Generator Tie In Lug to Cam F Single$2/day
Trico Test Clamp Med$3/day
4 Pin Twist Lock to 60A Bates$5/day
Hard Threefer MFFF$10/day
Hard Threefer FMMM$10/day
20A Stage Pin (F) to Edison Adapter (M)$2/day
Cam Hard Tee FMM$2/day