Chimera Pancake Lantern with skirt - Small (21" diameter)$40/day
Chimera Skypanel S60 Lantern Kit$125/day
Chimera Medium for Skypanel S60 with Speedring$75/day
Chimera Small for Skypanel S30 with Speedring$60/day
Chimera Pancake Lantern with Skirt - Medium (35" diameter)$50/day
Chimera Video Pro Plus XS (16" x 22")$15/day
Chimera Quartz Plus Medium$75/day
Chimera Small Fixed (24" x 32")$15/day
Octaplus 5' Chimera w/ Speedring, Baffle, Inserts$70/day
Chimera Medium Fixed$25/day
Chimera Super Pro X Strip - Small (9" x 36")$35/day
Chimera Large Fixed (52" x 72")$25/day
Chimera Super Pro X - Medium (36" x 48")$40/day
Litepanel Astra 1x1 Softbox$30/day
Chimera Super Pro X Strip - Large (21" x 84")$45/day
Chimera Video Pro Plus Small (24" x 32")$35/day
Chimera Video Pro Plus Medium (24" x 32")$40/day
K5600 Kurve 4.5' Kit$300/day

Egg Crate/Grids

Snapgrid for Skypanel S-60 40 Degree$20/day
Snapgrid for Skypanel S-30 40 Degree$20/day
Litepanel Astra 1x1 Egg Crate$10/day
4' Universal Single Tube Snapgrid 40 Degree$20/day
Chimera Egg Crate 40 Degree Small (24" x 32")$20/day
Chimera Egg Crate 40 Degree Medium (36" x 48")$25/day
Chimera Egg Crate 50 Degree for 5' Octaplus$50/day

Speed Rings

Speed ring for Zylight F8 - 9 5/8"$10/day
Speed Ring for 2K 10"$15/day
Speed Ring for Arri 650 6-5/8"$20/day
Speed Ring for Arri 1k Open Face 7-1/4"$10/day
Speed Ring for 575 HMI 7-3/8"$10/day
Speed Ring For Joker 400/800$10/day
Speed Ring for M18/1200$40/day
Speed Ring Adjustable 9" to 16-1/8"$35/day