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Video Gear Rentals

Expert Staff

The world of film is an ever-evolving medium, and at Expressway Cinema Rentals, we’re aware that our customers may have a wide range of questions when it comes to video gear rentals. Because of that, our staff consists of a team of highly trained professionals who have the proper knowledge to answer your questions. All of our staff stays active in the industry and are constantly seeking out information on the latest gear, as well as finding innovative ways to help our customers achieve the look and feel they need on their next shoot.

All the Film Equipment You Need Under One Roof

Whether you’re looking to rent an Arri Alexa or RED Weapon Dragon Camera Package, or find the right combination of camera accessories, such as follow focuses or camera support rigs, our film equipment rental warehouse has all of the gear you need. In the occasion that you're looking for a hard to find a piece of equipment or an item we aren’t currently carrying, we never hesitate to do what we can to help them track down exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to our film gear, we also carry a wide range of photo equipment, lenses, lighting, grip, and more. If it’s needed on a production, we’ve got you covered.

Getting the Right Camera Rig

One of the main advantages of renting from an experienced staff is the advanced knowledge we have of our equipment. Making sure you have all the right gear can be overwhelming if you’re new to a certain camera or camera accessory. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff about what gear works best together, or for suggestions on how to tackle production specific problems. We always aim to find the right solution for your shoot.

From the Blog: Achieving Realistic POV with a Custom Helmet Cam

Occasionally we have a renter that needs a completely custom solution to get the exact look that they want for a shoot. In this case, our friends over at 160over90 were in need of a POV camera solution. The only catch is that they wanted the look to be as realistic as possible.

Our team wound up purchasing a motorcycle helmet, and then custom rigging a mount to hold a Sony A7S. After experimenting with the proper placement, we were able to get a super realistic POV effect. 160over90 was more than pleased. Read more about how we went about tacking this problem and check out the final result from the shoot on the Expressway Cinema Rentals Blog.