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Career Opportunities at Expressway Cinema Rentals

Expressway’s mission is to strengthen our local creative communities by bringing new and innovative technologies into the market and providing the highest level of creative and technical support to our customers. Each of our departments are staffed with industry professionals who have on-set and production experience to handle all of our high-end camera, grip, and lighting equipment.

Our staff is a creative, motivated, and inclusive group, and Expressway is dedicated to filling each of our positions with equally passionate, hard-working individuals. Expressway is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Expressway Cinema Rentals Internship

The Expressway Internship is an immersive experience at one of the industry's most progressive high-end equipment rental houses. There are spots available in each of our Camera, Lighting and Studio departments at each of our locations in Philly, Rochester and Buffalo.

As a central hub for the creative production industries, Expressway provides students with a unique combination of hands-on technical training and direct connections to the local Crew and Creative communities. The interns will move through various processes and roles within our operations, learn and operate advanced industry-standard technology, and make lasting connections with industry professionals. The progress of each individual intern will be monitored and evaluated by their supervisor, crafted to maximize their progress and catered to their strengths. In some cases there may be opportunities for on-set experience through our staffing services if an intern is deemed to be qualified by their supervisor.

Intern Qualifications:
  • A desire to work in the technical fields of film and video production
  • A basic proficiency in lighting, grip, or camera equipment through college or university curriculum
  • A positive, motivated attitude
Internship Schedule:
  • Opportunities for the Expressway Internship are available every semester at each of our geographic locations and departments.
  • Internship hours are flexible to students’ availability and adhere to the college program requirements.

Expressway Cinema Rentals Careers

Expressway Cinema Rentals is dedicated to building a strong creative community and that starts with our staff and crew. We are routinely expanding our team and we encourage anyone interested to check out our open opportunities. If there isn’t an opening that interests you, head to the General Application and submit your resume to be considered in future opportunities.

Expressway is proud to provide Philadelphia and Upstate NY productions additional crewing resources through our staffing services. To support our rental clients during their productions, Expressway hires out Freelance Crew to work on set. Recommendations can also be provided to productions upon email request. If you’re interested in being added to our freelance crew roster, head to the Freelance Crew link to submit an application. Our staff will reach out to provide you with more information.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about the status of your application, please reach out to [email protected].