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Grip Stands

c-stand, century standCentury Stand 40"$5/day
c-stand, century standCentury Stand 20''$5/day
C+ Stand (Removable Base)C+ Stand (Removable Base)$5/day
C+ (Century) Stand 20"C+ (Century) Stand 20"$5/day
Century Stand 20'' Mini BaseCentury Stand 20'' Mini Base$5/day
Lowboy 2 RiseLowboy 2 Rise$8/day
Combo 3 Rise w/ LollipopCombo 3 Rise w/ Lollipop$7/day
Combo Wheel SetCombo Wheel Set$12/day
Mombo Combo StandMombo Combo Stand$14/day
Mombo Combo Wheel SetMombo Combo Wheel Set$12/day
Lowboy 2 Rise RollerLowboy 2 Rise Roller$9/day
Medium Roller with 4.5" Grip HeadMedium Roller with 4.5" Grip Head$9/day
Mole 2 Rise Baby RollerMole 2 Rise Baby Roller$7/day
High Roller w/ 4.5" Grip HeadHigh Roller w/ 4.5" Grip Head$11/day
Matthews Mini Slider Stand w/ WheelsMatthews Mini Slider Stand w/ Wheels$6/day
Modern Slider Stand w/ WheelsModern Slider Stand w/ Wheels$10/day
Runaway Base Runaway Base $10/day