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Camera Prep Space

It is crucial to the success of every production that the camera package is prepped adequately and ready to rock when the crew shows up to set. Expressway’s facilities are custom built to the specs and recommendations of our most experienced and respected clients and crew. Your camera crew deserves the comfort of working in a facility that has been crafted to accommodate the nuance and complexity of their expertise, with all the tools available to streamline their workflow. Your ACs and camera crew will be excited to prepare in a clean, comfortable and efficient environment with a world class technical staff at their disposal. We are very proud of the peace of mind that we afford our clients through this process.

Large Dedicated Prep Bays for distancing
Duclos Designed Spherical / Anamorphic Focus Charts
Professional Chart-Track System with Chart Lights
Power at Pedestals
Easy Access to Prep Technicians
Remote systems for real-time assistance requests
Bluetooth Speakers for Music
Pancro / Kimtech Wipes / Tools
Loading Dock