Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Loctite Super Glue - .14oz$4.75/each
Loctite Super Glue .70 oz, 20g$6/each

China Markers

China Marker Green$1/each
China Marker Blue$1/each
China Marker Yellow$1/each
China Marker Red$1/each
China Marker White$1/each
China Marker Black$1/each


Sharpie Fine-Point Black - Single$1.10/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Black - 12 Pack$9/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Black - 5 Pack$5.40/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Metallic Silver- Single$1.80/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Black - 3 Pack$3.10/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Metallic Trio: Gold, Silver, Bronze$5.30/each
Sharpie Fine-Point Black - 2 Pack$2.15/each
Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker - black chisel tip$2/each
Avery Marks-A-Lot Red Permanent Marker Chisel-Tip$1.50/each
Black Permanent Marker - Avery Marks-A-Lot chisel-tip$1.50/each
Black Twin-Tip Sharpie - Fine/Chisel$3/each
Precision Tip Sharpie (ultra-fine - black) - singles$1.25/each
Black Retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker$2.50/each
Red Retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker$3.50/each
Blue Retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker$3.50/each

Chalk and Soapstone

Soapstone Holder, Round$5.75/each
Soapstone, Round, 6pk$2.25/each
StikkiWorks 31/4" Deluxe Metal Chalk Keeper$11.50/each
White Chalk$1.50/each
Color Chalk$1.75/each

Dry Erase Markers

Dry Erase Markers - 4 pk. (blue, red, green, black)$5/each
Dry Erase Markers - assorted 6 pk. w/ eraser$7.50/each
Staedtler Fine-Point Lumocolor Overhead Projection Markers - 4 pk$10/each
BIC Fine-Point Dry Erase Marker - Black$1.50/each
Black Medium-Point Dry Erase Markers - 2 pk$2.50/each
Expo Dry Erase Marker - Single$1.50/each
Kleenslate Large Erasers$4.25/each
Expo Dry Erase Markers 12pk$12/each

Rite in the Rain

Black Top Spiral Notebook 3" x 5"$4.33/each
Orange Metal Clicker Pen$18.67/each

P-Touch Label Tape

1/2" Brother P-Touch Label Tape - Black on Clear $16.50/each
1" Brother P-Touch Label Tape - Black on Clear $28/each
1/2" Brother P-Touch Label Tape - Black on White $18.50/each
1" Brother P-Touch Label Tape - Black on White $25.25/each


BIC 4-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pens - medium/blue barrel 3pk$5/each
BIC Clic Stic Retractable Ball Pen (1mm) Black$0.55/each