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Matthews MAX Menace Arm

MAX will support lighting fixtures up to 175 pounds (80kg) allowing you to place almost any lighting almost anywhere on set - back lights, over set walls and in places where lifts are restricted such as roof tops or balconies. MAX will support a 75lb (34kg) light fixture up to 17.5ft (533cm) on the horizontal and over 20ft (609cm) in elevation. The horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7-10ft (213-305cm) and at an extension of 8ft (244cm) has a capacity of 175lbs (80kg). MAX can be counterbalanced with either shot or sand bags and by using standard weight plates MAX can be moved around easily on flat, level surfaces.

MAX can be positioned flush against a wall, into or around a corner.  It works below the horizontal, thus eliminating the need for scaffolding.  MAX can be positioned parallel up to a 10' (305cm) ceiling.

  • 16' (487cm) extension without adapter; 17.5' (533cm) extension with adapter
  • Self-leveling head with Baby Pin and Junior Receiver
  • Fast and easy setup/tear down
  • Angles are adjustable with light fixture attached
  • Use for lights, flags, frames, branch holders or even cameras
  • 3:1 weight ratio