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Battery & Power Rentals

Ecoflow Delta 1000 Portable Power StationEcoflow Delta 1000 Portable Power Station$100/day


150WH B-Mount Battery150WH B-Mount Battery$40/day
bebob CUBE 1200 Battery (1176Wh)bebob CUBE 1200 Battery (1176Wh)$275/day
150WH Gold-Mount Battery150WH Gold-Mount Battery$30/day
98WH Gold-Mount Battery98WH Gold-Mount Battery$15/day
82WH Gold-Mount Slim Battery82WH Gold-Mount Slim Battery$15/day
BlockBattery S401 400whBlockBattery S401 400wh$150/day
CINE VCLX/2 Battery (280WH)CINE VCLX/2 Battery (280WH)$100/day
Canon LPE6 BatteryCanon LPE6 Battery$6/day


Battery B-Mount Quad ChargerBattery B-Mount Quad Charger$50/day
Battery Gold-Mount Quad Fleet ChargerBattery Gold-Mount Quad Fleet Charger$40/day
Battery Charger Dual Gold-MountBattery Charger Dual Gold-Mount$20/day

Plates and Cables

SHAPE Gold-Mount PlateSHAPE Gold-Mount Plate$40/day
Jetpack V-mount Battery Power SupplyJetpack V-mount Battery Power Supply$40/day
Movcam Gold-Mount Plate w/ 15mm Rod MountMovcam Gold-Mount Plate w/ 15mm Rod Mount$15/day
Anton Bauer PlateAnton Bauer Plate$15/day
Switronix Shark Fin dual battery plateSwitronix Shark Fin dual battery plate$20/day
Canon LPE6 Dummy to DTap Power CableCanon LPE6 Dummy to DTap Power Cable$10/day
Sony A7S Dummy to DTap Power CableSony A7S Dummy to DTap Power Cable$10/day
Red Lemo to D-tap Power CableRed Lemo to D-tap Power Cable$15/day
D-tap MultiTap SplitterD-tap MultiTap Splitter$5/day