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Grip Rentals

From flags and rags to dolly carts, clamps, car rigs, reflectors, and more, Expressway Cinema Rentals carries all of the grip equipment you need. Our experienced staff stays active in the film industry, so if you have any questions concerning your next grip rental, just ask!

The Grip and Electric Department can sometimes be a confusing world to navigate if you’re new to filmmaking. To help make things a little easier, here is a breakdown of the different jobs and roles in the Grip and Electric Department.


The Gaffer is in charge of coming up with a lighting plan and leading the electrical department. By working closely with the DP and the Key Grip, their main goal is to get the desired look that the DP and Director are going for.

Best Boy

The Best Boy works closely with the Gaffer and is his or her main assistant. They typically help manage the rest of the electrical department so the Gaffer can focus on working with the DP and the Director.

Lighting Tech

The main job of a Lighting Tech is to get power to all of the lights on set.

Key Grip

The Key Grip works closely with the DP and is in charge of managing the entire Grip Department, physical camera movement, and getting the correct lighting by working closely with the Gaffer.

Best Boy Grip

Similar to the Best Boy to the Gaffer, the Best Boy Grip is in charge of the grip truck and other grips working on the shoot.


Grips work with the non-electrical components of lighting. This can include flags, cranes, setting up stands, and more.

Dolly Grip

The Dolly Grip is specifically in charge of managing the camera dolly. They lay and level the dolly track, as well as push and pull the dolly as needed during filming.

Helping New Filmmakers Navigate the Production World

Unless you're hiding under a rock, you're aware that the Philly Film Scene is booming. The talent that continues to grow in this city is truly inspiring, but for new and aspiring filmmakers, can also be somewhat of an intimidating world to dive into. To help alleviate some of that uncertainty, we recently hosted our first Philly Film Production Boot Camp.

The purpose of the Boot Camp was to provide a venue for new filmmakers to talk to industry professionals and have the ability to hear how they got their careers started, as well as learn the ins and outs of the production world. We were able to team with the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PAFIA) and Philadelphia Women in Film and Television (PWIFT) to put together a panel featuring Wendy Cox, David Raynor, John Rusk, and Veronica Stickelman. Read the recap of the event on the Expressway Cinema Rentals Blog