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Lighting Department

Dedicated G&E Experts

Expressway started in the Grip and Electric departments.  Our history is rooted in lighting and we know the importance of having a designated knowledgeable rental partner in these departments.  We have worked extremely hard for over a decade to curate a first-class inventory of lighting equipment rentals and staff to support the needs of our G&E clients.  Whether we are advising on a photo, film or video shoot, our rental agents and techs are qualified to answer your questions and provide advanced solutions.  We understand creativity, we understand the technology and we understand budgets.  That is why Expressway is the preferred solution for creative lighting departments.  We care about your Gaffer’s vision. 

For our Lighting Crews

Rent, Hire, Create!  From traditional sources like HMI’s and tungsten lighting to LED’s and Plasma Lights, our team has experience with all types of lighting equipment rentals.  We can even help you hire a Crew.  Expressway pulls from a network of the most experienced and talented technicians in our markets. Our team is equipped to assist in a number of ways to maximize your creativity.  We are happy to consult with creatives and your Crew at every level and we understand that you might not have all the answers.  That’s why we are here, to help.  So don’t be shy to speak with our rental techs about your lighting needs.  An attentive asset to Grip and Electric departments as well as production managers, producers and coordinators, Expressway’s agents value the relationships we are building and have the best interest of your crew in mind. Our inventory is curated to enable creativity and our expansive network of industry vendors gives you access to some of the most cutting-edge lighting technology available. 

Trucks & Vans

Our trucks and vans are custom-crafted to the specification of some of the best technicians in the industry. Form factor, space and functionality is the goal of every buildout.  You spoke, we listened; these vehicles have been molded over time to the perfect fit for film and video production packages.

For the Grips!

We can’t forget about our peeps in Grip & Rigging.  Expressway was founded by Grips, and it’s one of our favorite departments.  The advanced understanding of rigging concepts and technology that our staff provides to every customer has elevated the creativity of our market and enabled greater execution of creativity.  We are so excited to see the capabilities and skill level grow in our rigging departments and some of the most talented grips we have ever known still frequent the shop for a beer or two on Fridays.  We are huge fans of your work and we even got some custom Expressway Dirty Rigger gloves made, so you look great while you work too (stylish and useful for both Grips and Electrics).  And a big shout out to our Dolly Grips!  Come get some Chapman and Fisher love next time your in here.

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