Lighting Equipment Rentals

From HMIs to LEDs, Plasmas, Kino Flo, and more, Expressway Cinema Rentals carries all of the lighting and lighting accessories that you’ll need for your next shoot. Have any questions about what you’ll need when it comes to lighting equipment rentals? Our staff will gladly help you with your questions, and make sure you have everything you’ll need for your next production.

If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to lighting, you’re probably familiar with the different types of lights used on a film set, but if you’re rather new to the game, it can always help to know what differentiates one type of light from another.

What is an HMI Light?

An HMI, or Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide (there’s no test at the end), uses an arc lamp to produce light. Their color temperature runs at 5600k, also known as daylight temperature. Using an HMI can make shooting during the daytime easier, as you won’t have conflicting color temperatures with any natural light you are dealing with from the sun.

What is an LED Light?

LEDs are highly efficient and extremely portable. Need to fit in a tight space and have access to limited power? An LED is most likely the way to go. These are great for soft lighting scenarios and can replace fluorescent lighting options.

What are Plasma Lights?

Plasma is a high-output, low power solution to lighting. Some might even call them HMI 2.0. Plasmas are great for single-point, hard light source scenarios, lighting large distances, and are flicker free.

What are Kino Flo Lights?

Your standard Kino Flo light consists of compact fluorescent tubes that are balanced to either daylight or tungsten color temperatures. Because of their compact nature and ability to provide a constant light source, they have been a staple in the film industry for decades.

Testing Out The Bright Lights

The lighting world, like most of the film industry, is constantly coming out with new technology to provide filmmakers with better tools to tell their stories. Staying on top of the latest tech can be difficult, so this past year we decided to host an LED Lighting Face-Off to showcase some of the top lighting brands and their new equipment. We were fortunate enough to be able to showcase lights from Arri, Aadyntech, Cineo, Cinemills, Dedolight, Fiilex, K5600, Kino Flo, Hive, Litepanels, Litegear, Outsight, and more! Check out our video recap of the event on the Expressway Cinema Rentals Blog.