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Bolt Jr+ Cinema Robot
Now Available

Meet The Bolt Jr

The MRMC Bolt platform offers 7-axes of camera control.

6-axes of movement are provided by the robot arm, and the 7th dimension when combined with precision track.

The only comparable experience would be manipulating a camera inside 3D software.

If it’s precise, high-speed, and repeatable moves you need, the Bolt is the tool for the job.

Proven from Hollywood films to award winning commercials, and now available locally.

Control + Precision
  • Small, portable + powerful
  • Target tracking: Define location of object in space to simplify complex moves
  • High speed precision control zoom and focus motors
  • Bolt Jr+ can be used as both camera rig or model mover.
  • DMX light control synchronized over timecode
  • Transportation coordinated through Expressway Cinema Rentals
  • Designed for production in studio and on location
  • Available for use at any studio in Expressway's Network
  • Or request a delivery to your next shooting location
  • Wheeled base allows easy navigation through standard doorways
  • Form factor and mobility allow for production-friendly setup times

Precision Track

  • Rapid acceleration at 9.5 ft per/sec
  • ~30 feet of track


  • 44lb load capacity
  • Rotates up to 100 degrees per second

Phantom Camera

  • Pair the Bolt with a High Speed Phantom camera for unbelievably fluid results
Create Confidently
With Previsualization

Flair is MRMC’s premier motion control software, controlling up to 500 axes of motion, DMX lighting, and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages.

Design and program moves before the shoot day with Mocolab previz services. A Mocolab operator can consult with the Director, DP or agency to design camera moves as part of pre-production. This animatic can be presented to all stakeholders for sign off prior to production. On the day, the operator will load the move and tweak as desired.

VFX + Virtual Production Ready

The pinpoint accuracy of the Bolt is allows frame accurate repeat passes critical for VFX work

  • Repeatable passes streamline complex effects.
    • Layer multiple takes to clone actors or props
    • Shoot different takes at different frame rates to create out of body effects
  • Interface with Unreal Engine and LED Walls to create a virtual set
  • Export camera positioning data to Maya