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Matte Boxes & Filters

Filter Series 9 85 Polar$15/day

Matte Boxes

Arri LMB 6x6 MatteboxArri LMB 6x6 Mattebox$85/day
Arri LMB 4x5 MatteboxArri LMB 4x5 Mattebox$75/day
Arri LMB 25Arri LMB 25 Mattebox$60/day
Arri MB20Arri MB-20II Matte Box Kit$80/day
Arri MMB-2 Matte BoxArri MMB-2 Matte Box$55/day
Tilta MB-T12 Matte BoxTilta MB-T12 Matte Box$55/day
Tilta MB-T15 Mini Clamp-on Matte BoxTilta MB-T15 Mini Clamp-on Matte Box$25/day
Zip Box 4x5.65" (80-85mm) Zip Box 4x5.65" (80-85mm) $10/day
Zip Box 4x5.65" (110-115mm) Zip Box 4x5.65" (110-115mm) $10/day
Zip Box 4x5.65" (90-95mm) Zip Box 4x5.65" (90-95mm) $20/day


138mm Diopter Tray138mm Diopter Tray$22/day
138mm Diopter +1/2Schneider 138mm Diopter +1/2$25/day
Schneider 138mm Diopter +1Schneider 138mm Diopter +1$25/day
Schneider 138mm Diopter +2Schneider 138mm Diopter +2$25/day
Schneider 138mm Diopter +3Schneider 138mm Diopter +3$25/day

Filters (4x5.6)

Filter (4x5.6) RotaPol Tray with 138 CPFilter (4x5.6) RotaPol Tray with 138 CP$50/day
Filter (4x5.6) Circular PolarizerFilter (4x5.6) Circular Polarizer$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Clear Filter (4x5.6) Clear $20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 2.1Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 2.1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.8Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.5Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.5$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.2Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND 1.2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural  IRND .9Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND .9$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND .6Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND .6$20/day
Filter (4x5.6)  Water White NATural IRND .3Filter (4x5.6) Water White NATural IRND .3$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) IRND 1.5Filter (4x5.6) IRND 1.5$18/day
Filter (4x5.6) IRND 1.2 Filter (4x5.6) IRND 1.2 $18/day
Filter (4x5.6) IRND .9 Filter (4x5.6) IRND .9 $18/day
Filter (4x5.6) ND .6Filter (4x5.6) ND .6$15/day
Filter (4x5.6) ND .3 Filter (4x5.6) ND .3 $15/day
Filter (4x5.6) Grad ND.6 SEFilter (4x5.6) Grad ND.6 SE$25/day
Filter (4x5.6) Grad ND.3 SEFilter (4x5.6) Grad ND.3 SE$25/day
Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 3Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 3$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 2Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 1Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Antique Suede 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/2 Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/2 $20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/4 Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/4 $15/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/8 Filter (4x5.6) Black Pro Mist 1/8 $20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Black Satin 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1$20/day
classic soft 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Classic Soft 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/2Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/4Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/8Filter (4x5.6) GlimmerGlass 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Hollywood Black Magic 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Low Contrast 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/16Filter (4x5.6) Pearlescent 1/16$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Smoque 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/2Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/2$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/4Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/4$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/8Filter (4x5.6) Ultra Con 1/8$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 1mm Orange StreakFilter (4x5.6) 1mm Orange Streak$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 1mm Yellow StreakFilter (4x5.6) 1mm Yellow Streak$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 2mm Blue StreakFilter (4x5.6) 2mm Blue Streak$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 2mm Orange StreakFilter (4x5.6) 2mm Orange Streak$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 2mm Violet StreakFilter (4x5.6) 2mm Violet Streak$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 2mm White StarFilter (4x5.6) 2mm White Star$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 3mm White StarFilter (4x5.6) 3mm White Star$20/day
Filter (4x5.6) 4mm White StarFilter (4x5.6) 4mm White Star$20/day

Filters (4x4)

Filter (4x4) Ultra PolarizerFilter (4x4) Ultra Polarizer$15/day
Filter (4x4) True-PolFilter (4x4) True-Pol$15/day
Filter (4x4) LL-DFilter (4x4) LL-D$15/day
Filter (4x4) 81EFFilter (4x4) 81EF$15/day
Filter (4x4) 85Filter (4x4) 85$15/day
Filter (4x4) 85CFilter (4x4) 85C$15/day
Filter (4x4) 85N3Filter (4x4) 85N3$15/day
Filter (4x4) 85N6Filter (4x4) 85N6$15/day
Filter (4x4) 85N9Filter (4x4) 85N9$15/day
Filter (4x4) B+W ND.3Filter (4x4) B+W ND.3Call for Price(267) 239-5686
Filter (4x4) B+W ND.6Filter (4x4) B+W ND.6$15/day
Filter (4x4) B+W ND.9Filter (4x4) B+W ND.9$15/day
Filter (4x4) Optical FlatFilter (4x4) Optical Flat$15/day
Filter (4x4) Golden Sepia 1 SEFilter (4x4) Golden Sepia 1 SE$15/day
Filter (4x4) Tobacco 2 HEFilter (4x4) Tobacco 2 HE$15/day
Filter (4x4) 2mm Orange StarFilter (4x4) 2mm Orange Star$15/day
Filter (4x4) 1mm Violet StreakFilter (4x4) 1mm Violet Streak$15/day