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JL Fisher 11 Dolly Package

Recognized as the industry standard, the Fisher Model 11 Dolly is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding production needs of the motion picture, television and video industries. This stable and reliable Dolly offers operators versatile features including compact size, three-way steering and a solid lift beam to execute a wide variety of camera movement.

The Fisher 11 Dolly is smooth, quiet and easy to use, with a reputation for being safe, well-made and low maintenance. Built with the same high quality standards found in all J.L. Fisher products, the Model 11 is a great resource to have on productions of all sizes.

The Fisher Model 11 also provides operators a complete line of its own accessories to support users during production. Our Fisher dolly operates effortlessly on square or round track, giving the user the choice between our in-house Straight or Curved Dolly Track options including Film Air or Steel.

Add on our JL Fisher Skate Wheel Sleds to your Fisher Dolly rental for better control and stability on set. Expressway also rents out the Fisher Model 10 Dolly, giving an excellent dolly combination for productions looking to rent multiple dollies. Check out more of our camera motion support accessories and equipment to pair with the Model 11 camera dolly.  For more extended support, add on one of our jibs.

Fisher 11 Technical Specifications:

Max. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLE) 51.125"
Min. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLE) 13.75"
Min. lift beam elevation with Low Level Head (LHE) 3"
Vertical beam travel 33.375"
Lift beam capacity 200lbs.
Length 40"
Width - fully operational steering (wheels in) 20.375"
Width - fully operational steering (wheels out) 25.75"
Height (operating) 39.625"
Height (folded) 23.125"
Minimum turn radius (round steering) 16.188"
Minimum turn radius (conventional steering) 33.5"
Carrying weight 307lbs.
Maximum Dolly load capacity 900lbs.
Lifts per system charge 7


Fisher 11 Dolly Rental Accessories:

  • 1x Fisher 11 10" Camera Offset

  • 1x Fisher 11 12" Camera Riser 

  • 1x Fisher 11 6" Camera Riser

  • 1x Fisher 11 90 Degree Camera Angle Plate

  • 2x Fisher 11 Carry Handle 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Front Board Bridge 

  • 2x Fisher 11 High Side Board 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Large Seat 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Left Diving Board 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Left Low Side Board

  • 1x Fisher 11 Low Level Head

  • 1x Fisher 11 Right Diving Board

  • 1x Fisher 11 Rotating Offset 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Seat Offset High 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Seat Offset Straight 

  • 1x Fisher 11 6" Seat Riser

  • 2x Fisher 11 Short Carry Handle 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Small Seat 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Standard Multi Position Head 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Standing Platform 

  • 1x 24" Mitchell Offset 

  • 1x 24" Mitchell Riser 

  • 1x Fisher Seat to Junior Adapter 

  • 1x 4' Level 

  • 2x Fisher 11 Push Bar

  • 1x Fisher 11 Rotating Offset Case 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Low Mode Hand Screw 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Low Head/ Multi Position Head Case 

  • 1x 100mm to Mitchell Bowl Adaptor G&E 

  • 1x 150mm to Mitchell Bowl Adapter G&E 

  • 1x 75mm to Mitchell Bowl Adapter G&E 

  • 1x Fisher 11 Battery Box 

  • 1x Ease Release 200 

  • 1x Fisher Knee Bumper

  • 1x Fisher 3/8 Allen Wrench

  • 1x Fisher 3/16 Allen Wrench

  • 2x Fisher Dolly Front Pins