Track & Dolly Accessories


Fisher Center Mount$60/day
Matthews Centipede II Skate Wheel Sleds$100/day
Fisher 10 Soft Compound Wheels$150/day
Fisher 10 Track Wheels$150/day
JL Fisher Skate Wheel Sleds$200/day
24'' Camera Riser Mitchell to Mitchell$20/day
24'' Mitchell Offset$20/day
Skate Wheel Sleds$75/day
Hot Button Wheels$30/day


Film Air 8' Straight Dolly Track$30/day
Film Air 4' Straight Dolly Track$25/day
Film Air 45 Degree Curved Dolly Track$60/day
Film Air Starter Track

The starter ramp for hi-load dolly track is constructed of anodized structural aluminum fitted with precision machined stainless steel cones and connectors, for corrosion proof durability.

Film Air 2' Straight Dolly Track$12.50/day
Film Air 10' Straight Dolly Track$35/day
Dolly Track 8' Steel$15/day
Dolly Track 4' Steel$10/day
Steel Dolly Track 45 Degree Curve$20/day