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Chimera Super Pro X Strip - Large (21" x 84")

Chimera Super Pro X represents the latest generation of the industry strobe lightbank. The longer large  21" x 84" Strip model gives a more focused, lengthened option.  With over 35 years of experience producing the highest quality lighting accessories, Super Pro X features incredibly durable construction and a wide range of flexibility for light shaping.

Chimera’s white interior is designed to produce a soft and even output while maintaining efficiency. The reflective silver material helps produce a softer light from the lightbank. Compared to similar lightbanks with a silver interior, the evenness of a white interior lightbank output is 10-20% smoother.

  • 21"x84"
  • Softens Light from Strobe
  • Design Limits Light Spill
  • Narrow Light Output
  • Removable Interior Baffle & Front Panel
  • Requires Speed Ring for Mounting
  • 650w Rating