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Mombo Combo Stand

The Mombo Combo Stand achieves an incredible height of 22.3 feet. Because of this height, it features an extra-wide base and incorporates a collar for attaching stabilizing Guy Wires or ropes. The Mombo Combo legs are made of 1-1/4" square steel tubing and are internally reinforced with a Matthews engineered gusset assembly. The Mombo Combo's Rocky Mountain Leg will offset uneven terrain to ensure a firm, stable and sturdy footprint.

  • Maximum Height: 24' (7315mm)
  • Minimum Height: 74.5" (1892mm)
  • Capacity: 88lbs (40kg)
  • Weight: 48.5lbs (22kg)
  • Footprint: 74" (1180mm)
  • Folded Base: 6" (152mm)

Slight wind can create a tremendous hazard at the heights attainable with this stand. Renting of stabilizing equipment is recommended.