Sony FX9 Full Frame 6K Camera


The Sony FX9 features a full-frame 6K sensor with provides superb recording in DCI 4K Ultra HD and HD resolutions. The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor also uses Sony’s Exmor R technology for improved sensitivity and noise reduction. The FX9 offers an exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range—beyond the normal range of human perception—allowing for unprecedented creative freedom in color grading and post. Camera operators can concentrate on framing the scene they want while relying upon the FX9 to capture every nuance and detail using either 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording or 16-bit RAW external recording. In grading, colorists can find color and detail beyond the normal viewing abilities of the camera operator to create a final image that exactly portrays the mood of the scene.


The kit includes an XDCA extension unit and a Metabones EF or PL to Sony E Mount.