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Super Heat Shield (1991) - 4' roll

Rosco #1991 Super Heat Shield 48" x 25' Roll

Super Heat Shield is used to protect Gel filters from the extreme convected heat of our lighting units.  Convected heat is the hot air that builds up between a light's lamp and the gel in the front of it, causing the gel to melt.  The heat shield prevents gels from melting while also allowing for 100% of the light to transmit through the material.  It is completely translucent; no additional light loss. 

You should keep at least 1" between the Super Heat Shield and your gel filter because the heatshield itself can get hot and may still burn the gel if directly contacted.

Rosco's Cinegel premier range of filters is manufactured with a unique technology to insure the longest possible life under hot theatrical lights.

Three discrete layers are combined in a tri-extrusion process. By sealing the colored layer between two microscopically thin layers of clear film, dye migration is minimized and effective life is extended.