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Crank Stand - Matthews Super Vator III

This precision, heavy duty crank stand, reaching a max of 11 feet (132") is part of the new VATOR III family of dependable, safe, cranking stands.  This line of stands from Matthews continues the respected operating and performance characteristics of the past VATORS, while adding new models and features. As always, safety is the key factor in the design, engineering and manufacture of the VATOR III stands.

The 'core' of the VATOR III stands is the precision rack and pinion gear drive mechanism that reduces components within the drive train to only two moving parts. This ensures a more reliable and durable machine.

Minimum Folded Height: 67" (171cm)
Minimum Footprint: 16"x19" (41x49cm)
Minimum Load Height: 56" (143cm) 
Footprint: 89" DIA (226cm) 
Maximum Height: 132" (335cm) 
Weight: 130lbs (60kg) 
Capacity: 200lbs (91kg)