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Reel FX II Fan

The RE-Fan 2 Turbo incorporates the same durable motor as the RE-Fan with adjustable speed control and one touch blast button. The RE2 Fan has a unique design featuring one-touch moveable vanes, which adjust the width of the wind from a high velocity narrow spot, to a diffused wide beam.  The RE2 is housed in a durable rotomolded hard shell and powered by a ball bearing, 1/3 hp motor with variable speed control.  This compact unit weighs 23 lbs and balances on a versatile mounting yoke, which surrounds the unit for transport, rests on any surface and attaches to baby or junior receivers.


  • Motor: Brushless, AC, Ball bearing
  • Power: 110 - 125v / 5 amp or 220v / 3.0 amp (50-60) cycle
  • Controls: Solid state speed control, one touch blast
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Measurements: (L x W x H): 14" x 19" x 22"

Peak Velocity:

  • Focused Beam: (Focused Beam): 20 mph at 10ft 
  • 10 degrees (3.5 foot diameter beam at 10ft)
  • Flood: 45 degrees (8ft beam at 10ft)