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Magic Gadget 6K Shadowmaker

SHADOWMAKER is the original lighting effects controller. Professionals have relied on its ease of use and simple effective design to help them create realistic firelight effects on countless productions. 3x 2,000 Watt RMS channels, 16 effects, dual dimmers present on each channel.

All 3 Channels have the ability to set a lowest output light level & a highest output light level. A trimmer is on each channel to adjust the subtleness based on load connected.

When the unit loses power (breaker trip, power failure, ETC.) it stays OFF until you press the ON button again. This feature limits the chances of cold starts that can damage equipment (optional always on internal jumper feature available).

No programing skills required just plug and play. Simply use 3 light sources and spread them apart about 3-10ft (more distance gives a greater shadow effect). Each channel works together to create a realistic lighting motion that you can’t get from a single light source. Effects Include Chase, Firelight, TV, Lightning, etc. The unit will also function as a 3 channel dimmer (each channel will dim anything that is dimmable) and no minimum load is required for proper operation.

Cooling is passive, but fan included for extreme conditions or if silence is not needed. This unit is capable of 2,000 Watts nominal and 2,400 Watts Max powerhandling from a standard household outlet. With proper wiring, connectors & fuses these units can easily go up to 3K.