Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS - EF Mount

Key features include: 

  • Focal Length: 70mm - 200mm

  • F-Stop: F2.8 - F32

  • Close Focus: 4'7.1"(55.1") or 8'2.4"(98.4")

  • Filter Thread: 77mm

  • Coverage: APSC or Full Frame

  • Mount: EF

Two-mode Image Stabilization can correct for all types of camera shake. Mode 1 corrects for still images and Mode 2 for the extraneous up and down movement created when panning with a moving subject.

An ultrasonic autofocus motor provides fast, smooth and silent autofocus.

Manual focus override enables precise manual focus even when in autofocus mode.

A truly round aperture hole results in more pleasing out-of-focus areas.

Tight seal structure ensures excellent dust-proof and moisture-proof performance.

Removable, rotatable tripod collar is included.