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DZOFilm Pictor Zoom 20 to 55mm T2.8

Key features include:

  • Focal Length: 20mm - 55mm

  • T-Stop: T2.8 - T22

  • Close Focus: 2'

  • Front Diameter: 95mm

  • Coverage: Super35(31.1mm)

  • Mount: EF or PL

The DZO Pictor 20 to 55mm T2.8 Zoom Lens features an internal focus design with floating elements to virtually eliminates focus breathing. It covers a Super35 image circle, comes standard with an interchangeable PL mount, and includes a Canon EF mount.

The 16-blade iris creates round out-of-focus highlights, which have a more natural appearance and contribute to the lens's natural-looking bokeh. The lens features cine-style gear rings on the focus, iris, and zoom lens rings, making it compatible with cine-style lens accessories such as follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems. The 95mm outer front diameter allows you to use a variety of compatible third-party matte boxes, and the lens has an 86mm filter thread. A lens support foot allows you to support the lens on rods to help reduce strain on your camera's lens port.