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Angenieux EZ-2 (S35/15-40mm) (FF/22-60mm) Zoom

Available in S35(15-40mm) or FF(22-60mm). Please inform us which format you would like for your rental.

Key features include:

  • Focal Length: 15mm - 40mm(Super 35) or 22mm - 60mm(Full Frame)

  • T-Stop: T2(Super 35) or T3(Full Frame)

  • Close Focus: 2'(24")

  • Front Diameter: 114mm

  • Coverage: Super 35(30mm) or Full Frame(46mm)

  • Mount: PL or EF

The EZ-2 15-40mm Cinema Lens Pack from Angenieux includes the PL mount version of the 15 to 40mm EZ-2 zoom lens with both the Super35 and FF/VistaVision rear lens-groups. The lens is fast, T2.0 in Super35 and T3.0 in full-frame/VistaVision. Swapping between the rear lens groups doesn't affect the physical length of the lens, minimum focus distance, or 2.7x zoom ratio. However, the large format rear lens group does change the lens from a 15 to 40mm zoom that covers Super35 to a 22 to 60mm zoom that covers the Full Frame/VistaVision aperture.