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(TLS) Canon Rangefinder 58mm T1.4 - LPL Mount

An exciting addition to our vintage lenses are the TLS Canon Rangefinders, the set includes:

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 25mm FF T2.1

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 35mm FF T1.6

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 40mm FF T1.8

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 50mm FF T1.1

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 58mm FF T1.2

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 85mm FF T1.6

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 100mm FF T2.1

  • TLS Canon Rangefinder 135mm FF T2.8

The Canon Rangefinder 50mm f0.95 made an iconic launch in 1961 for offering a speed faster than f1.0 and subsequently being the fastest lens in its day. It is widely popular and known as the “Dream Lens”, as it is four times faster than the human eye. Dialing into the 60s era characteristics of warm, amber flares and unique bokeh characteristics, the Dream Lens set the stage for the rest of the Rangefinder focal lengths to follow.

These lenses were rehoused by True Lens Services (TLS) and feature matching 110mm front diameters. Rangefinder sets that are rehoused by TLS are LPL mount due to the short flange distance allowing them to retain Full Frame coverage without sacrificing any of the original optical designs, avoiding sacrifices to what makes these lenses special.

Each of these lenses are special due to the unique characteristics of the differently rehoused lens set. For instance, the 25mm is an adapted 35mm lens. There are no fast wide-angle Rangefinder lenses so the 25mm & 28mm consists of a 35mm doner lens with an additional vintage optic. These lenses still promise the same sharpness, contrast, bokeh, and flare character to match the rest of the set. Alternatively, if you’re looking for wider fast lenses, the Rangefinders can be paired well with Canon K35’s & Canon FD SSC’s.

Another interesting detail worth noting is that the 40mm is taken from a fixed mount camera system called the Canonet. First manufactured by Canon in 1972, the Canonet G-III QL17 is a coupled-rangefinder, leaf-shuttered, fixed-focal-length 35mm camera.

While Canon produced nearly 20,000 units of the 50mm up until 1970, there were only 7,000 units produced of the 50mm with the complete rear element, which were specifically designed for cinematography and TV cameras. The 35mm f/1.5 (T1.6) was a popular and well performing wide-angle which only had a little over 5000 units produced.

Technical Specifications:





25mm T2.1 (f/1.8)


2.64 lbs


35mm T1.6 (f/1.5)


2.00 lbs


40mm T1.8 (f/1.7)


1.95 lbs


50mm T1.1 (f/0.95)


2.25 lbs


58mm T1.4 (f/1.2)


2.10 lbs


85mm T1.6 (f/1.5)


3.34 lbs


100mm T2.1 (f/2)


2.44 lbs


135mm T2.8 (f/2.5)


3.58 lbs