Sigma FF Cine Prime 7 Lens Set

This package includes:

Key features include: 

  • Focal Lengths Included: 

    • 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm

  • T-Stops: 

    • T2(14mm), T1.5(20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm), and T2(135mm)

  • Close Focus: 

    • 11"(14mm & 20mm), 10"(24mm), 1'(35mm), 1'4"(50mm), 2'10"(85mm), and 2'11"(135mm)

  • Front Diameter: 95mm

  • Coverage: Super35 or Full Frame

  • Mount: EF or PL

The Sigma FF Cine Prime lens rivals a high-end prime set with stunning image quality and compact construction, while also offering full-frame coverage.  Designed for 6K-8K shooting, the FF High Speed Prime Line allows filming of various cuts without making any changes to the lighting, taking cinematography to the next level of performance.