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Arri Amira Premium Camera Package

PL Mount

  • Premium License (Includes 4K UHD License)
  • 0.75-200 fps (progressive)
  • ProRes 4444 recording
  • ProRes 422 (HQ) recording

The Amira is a great choice for the operator on the go, with minimal studio attachments to make it a perfect camera to pick up and start shooting. It also is great for documentaries, commercials, multi camera projects, and films that are tight on a budget. The Arri sensor captures naturalistic skin tones and color rendition to give the image a cinematic look. With 14+ stops of dynamic range and low noise it is a great camera for low light settings while keeping the image sharp and detailed.


Arri Amira Body in PL Mount with Hirose LDS Port

VCT Plate

Wedge Plate Adapter

Bridge Plate Adapter

2x 128GB Sandisk CFast 2.0 Cards w/ Reader

24v 3p XLR Power Supply

4x 150Wh Gold Mount Batteries

Quad Gold Mount Charger