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ARRI Alexa 35 Camera Package

ARRI Alexa 35 Key Features: 

  • LPL Mount, PL to LPL Adapter

  • Sensor Size: Super 35 4.6K

  • Native Iso: 800

  • Internal ND: 0.6, 1.2, 1.8

  • Available Codecs: MXF/ARRIRAW & MXF/ Apple ProRes/ 4444 XQ 

  • Max Resolution: 4.6K 4608x 3164

  • Max Frame Rate: 120fps 

Arri's latest and greatest concoction, the Alexa 35, builds upon their gold standard for digital cameras, featuring an all new Super 35 format 4.6K sensor and REVEAL Color Science. This new sensor's impressive 17 stops of dynamic range and Enhanced Sensitivity Mode expand filmmakers' ability to capture an even wider variety of lighting scenarios with a focus on minimal noise and filmic highlight rolloff.

Capturing true-to-life images is made even more seamless with the groundbreaking REVEAL image processing chain. Native to the ALEXA 35 and available in post production for ARRIRAW shot on the Mini LF, REVEAL first converts ARRIRAW to camera native RGB, making the most of the sensor and delivering sharper images with cleaner edges. ARRI Color Engine ACE4 then transforms the image data to AWG4, Arri's wide gamut color space, to bring what the camera sees in line with human visual perception for more accurate and delicately nuanced color reproduction, especially apparent in skin tones and bright, saturated hues.

Often compared to the old film world act of choosing a film stock, Arri Textures enable the filmmaker to dial in how the sensor will interpret the image in terms of the amount and character of grain in the image, and the amount of contrast at different levels of detail, perceived as sharpness. 

With a super 35 sensor, the Arri Alexa 35 camera body presents the opportunity to breathe new life into cine glass from all eras and is capable of accommodating even the newest large format glass with its native LPL mount. An all new side control panel allows for easy setting changes in rigging scenarios where a stripped down body is crucial, and new serial and LBUS ports expand the camera's ability to integrate with various focusing system components.

Running on 24V, the Alexa 35 has pushed Arri to roll out the new B-Mount standard for battery power. These sturdy new blocks feature improved mechanics, metadata, and the juice to power the camera and accessories.      

Expressway's ARRI Alexa 35 Camera Package Includes:

  • Alexa 35 Production Set Cage Hardware 

  • 4x 150wh B-Mount Batteries

  • 1x B-Mount Quad Charger

  • 1x 2TB CODEX Drive


Expressway carries multiple camera bodies from the Arri Alexa camera family, including the Arri Alexa Mini and the Arri Alexa Mini LF. Our team is available to assist your production to find the best camera solution for your next project.