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Tascam DR-60

Dual "safety track"  sound recording mode automatically provide a back-up safety track in case the initial levels where set too high and clips were encountered. The safety track can be set to record at -6dB to -12dB lower than the initial take

Preamp gain and other important features can be easily accessed by physical controls on the front panel.

Limiter, high-pass filter (40/80/120Hz) and delay functions on each channel.

Records 4 external inputs in two pairs as two stereo audio files.

Pre-recording function allows unit to record two seconds of sound prior to recording actually being activated.

Hold switch to prevent accidental adjustments.

Handles on both sides and can attach to a shoulder belt.

Camera in jack for monitoring DSLR recorder output.

Tripod mounting threads on bottom of recorder and DSLR screw attachment that allows attachment and removal with a coin.

Mid-side decoding.