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Flanders 22" DM220 OLED Monitor

This package includes:

The DM220 is a high-contrast 22" OLED monitor designed for use in color critical production and post-production applications. Industry leading fast mode processing, a durable all metal chassis, FSI's most advanced feature set, and a compact and lightweight form-factor make the DM220 an exceptional reference grade monitoring solution for any environment. DM series integrate with select applications including FSI’s DM Series IP Remote Utility, Pomfort’s Livegrade Pro, QTake's Grade Module, and Assimilate Live Assist and Live Looks, opening up even greater workflow flexability.The monitor's 10 bit HD RGB OLED panel is capable of reproducing1.073 Billion Colors. FSI’s 3rd generation Color Fidelity and LUT Interpolation Engine (CFE3) features industry leading tetrahedral LUT interpolation for cutting edge accuracy and visual performance.