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Hi5 Wireless Follow Focus- 2 Motors

This package includes:

The Hi-5 Hand Unit from ARRI offers advanced wireless multi-axis camera and lens control via a large knob, instant reconnection, a high-contrast touchscreen LCD, powerful signal, and a modular, highly customizable design. The included 2400 MHz radio module enables you to connect wirelessly with the RIA-1 adapter, provides 14 channels and is backward compatible with white-coded radio EMIP modules. The hand unit offers user-defined function buttons, customizable focus knob operation, and optional pre-marked Smart focus rings with electronic detection.

Kit Includes:

  • Hi-5 FIZ Hand Unit with 2400 MHz radio module
  • USB Bluetooth Module
  • 3x ARRI LBP-3500 Handset Batteries + charger
  • 1x Arri CForce Plus Motor
  • 1x Arri CForce Mini Motor
  • 3x LBUS cables
  • Smart Rings: Blank, 9", 12", 1'3", 1'8", 24", 2'6," 3'6", 5', 6'6", 10'