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DJI Ronin 2

DJI Ronin 2 provides exceptional stabilization for steady footage.

  • 3-Axis Gimbal, Grip, Remote Controller, Remote Controller Strap

  • Camera Top Cross Bar, Camera Base Plate, Accessory Mount

  • (2) 15mm Rod, 15mm Focus Rod Mount, Universal Mount

  • Top Mounting Block, Motion Block

  • (4) TB50 Intelligent Battery, Dual TB50 Battery Mount, Battery Charger Ballast, Battery Charger Power Cable

  • Quad Charging Hub

  • Accessories Pouch, RED Power Cable, ARRI Power Cable,

  • Canbus to 2-Pin Cable, Canbus to 5.5mm, Triple P-TAP Breakout Box, RED R/S Cable, ARRI R/S Cable,

  • (2) Shorty SDI Cables, Right Angle SDI Adapter, USB 3.0 to USB C Cable, UART to DBUS Cable,

  • (2) Allen Wrenches, (4) 1/4 Screws, (4) M4-14 Screws, (8) M4-10 Screws,

  • (5) 3/8"-16 Tie Downs, (5) 1/4"-20 Tie Downs, Water Tight Protective Case w/ Custom Foam


  • For Cinema Cameras

  • 30-Pound Payload Capacity

  • Enhanced SmoothTrack Algorithm and GPS

  • Upright, Underslung, and Briefcase Modes

  • Easy Underslung/Upright Transitions

  • 2-Axis Mode for Use with Steadicam

  • Retractable Feet/Self-Supporting Design

  • Camera Control for Select Cameras

  • 2.4 / 5.8 GHz Switchable Remote

  • Up to 0.6-Mile Control Range

Built for professional cinema applications, DJI has developed the Ronin 2 to provide an unprecedented amount of features in a very accessible package. Building upon their experience of the original Ronin, they have implemented an updated feature set in the Ronin 2 that allows filmmakers and technicians alike to expand the possibilities of what can be achieved with a gimbal.

With the 30lb payload capacity, the Ronin 2 is able to fly much larger camera packages and lenses so creativity doesn’t have to be limited by the gimbal. With the ability to extend the pan arm, there’s much more room for forward and backward balancing before needing to resort to counterbalance weights. Rated for about 60mph travel speeds, not only are the motors strong enough to withstand higher payloads, it’s capable of resisting a high amount of wind and g-forces for configurations that require mounting to moving vehicles. 

Along with the higher payload and larger overall size, the smooth track and gps algorithms have been vastly improved and balancing has become much simpler. Technicians can spend a lot less time making tiny micro adjustments to make sure the balance is perfect and readjusting accessories to account for space limitations. 

Quality of Life improvements like internally routed SDI ports that provide SDI in at the sled and SDI out at the top of the gimbal now makes it easier to get video signal to an operator monitor without worrying about SDI cables getting tangled during pans or tilts. The dedicated multitap port provides plenty of DTap ports for any accessories and a dedicated camera power port ensures that power draw from camera and the accessories are separated. The package also includes Arri and RED Power Cables that will integrate directly with the cameras into the Ronin-2, eliminating the need for separate camera to DTap cables that may or may not be in the camera package.

The two TB50 ports provide an unparalleled amount of run-time and the quad hub charger allows the user to ensure they will always have enough power to keep shooting with minimal downtime. The power distribution block can also be removed and tether via a cable so that the batteries can be moved to a more convenient location when mounting.

The DJI Universal Mount can be utilized to mount in a multitude of different configurations and with the Cinemilled Ronin 2 Mitchell Mount (rented separately), the Ronin 2 can be mounted securely to any Mitchell platform like a jib, dolly, or tripod legs.