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NODO Inertia Wheels - 1A Tools

The NODO Inertia Wheels 2-Axis is a wireless long-range digital camera controller featuring proprietary Inertia Motors (TM) inside the wheels. The Inertia Wheels are compatible with Freefly MōVI and DJI Ronin line of gimbals as well as a range of other camera platforms. The controller has dual-band, long-range 400-950MHz+2.4GHz wireless communication beyond 1 mile with a fast refresh rate of 100Hz. Optional hardwire connection of up to 2000ft.

For the first time ever, the weightiness of the wheels is adjustable through INERTIA MOTORS™️. This provides not only a more enjoyable operating experience, but also the ability to choose a weightiness that suits the shot—or switch mid-shot with a preset. The motors actively stabilize and smooth the wheel movements in the exact same way as a brass wheel, and it feels great too.

When the camera stops at a limit, so do the wheels. The operator can now feel for the first time when a limit is hit when the motors bring the wheel to a stop precisely where the camera is with HAPTIC SOFT LIMITS™️ (patent-pending).

The Inertia Motors also provide selectable drag. Other wheels use mechanical brake pads that can wear down over time. The Inertia Wheels drag is driven by contactless electromagnets, and drag presets can be saved and recalled instantly mid-shot.

Intertia Wheels