Freedom360 GoPro VR Rig

This package includes:

The Freedom360 uses six Hero4 Black cameras to record six videos that can be stitched into a full spherical, equi-rectangular 360 video. The original and innovative geometry gives you the freedom to hold the rig in any direction, no nadir blind spot to worry about. Capture everything around the rig, without obstructions.

Simply insert the GoPros into the appropriate slots, fix them in place with the numbered mounting braces, mount it to the support you are intending to use (i.e. monopod), and start recording with the wifi remote or by manually hitting record on all GoPros and sync by clapping, the downloadable software will sync all videos automatically using the clap.


Kit Includes

Freedom360 GoPro Enclosure

(6) - GoPro Hero4 Black

(12) - Batteries

(6) - USB Dual Chargers

(1) - MultiUSB Hub with Wall Power

(12) - 32GB MicroSD Cards