Hypercine Base

The Hypercine was developed based on requests for an air travel friendly, Li-Ion, block battery solution. Leveraging our high-draw Hypercore battery technology, we’ve been able to provide a device which allows the user to place four brick battery packs within the device housing, transforming it into one single unit, while also offering simultaneous, built-in charging. With four Hypercore 98 batteries installed, the unit provides 392wh. Keeping travel guidelines in mind, you may also use Hypercore Prime battery packs, increasing the maximum capacity to 760wh. Each battery pack is placed within a hopper style system, with locking panels, allowing you to transport the unit just as you would a block battery. With the battery packs installed, you can choose to use the dual 14.4v 4-pin XLR outputs, or simultaneously use the 14.4v outputs with the 28v 3-pin XLR output. When you’re done using the battery pack, supply the Hypercine with 100-240VAC via it’s AC in, and charge up the unit in as little as 3 hours. A large, multifunction backlit LCD is present on the front of the unit to provide cumulative data when in discharge modes, and isolated battery pack information when in charge mode.

A built-in 28v regulator insures that the proper power is provided, while incorporated low-voltage circuitry insures the battery packs within are well protected. The Hypercine is a travel friendly, light weight, modular system, powerful enough to provide extended runtime to cameras including ARRI, Sony F65, RED, Panavision, etc. The 28v output can also be used to power HMI, and heavy draw LED lights.