Cooke MiniS4 Seven Lens Kit

This package includes:

(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 18mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 25mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 32mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 50mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 75mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 100mm T2.8
(1) Cooke MiniS4/i 135mm T2.8

Cooke MiniS4/i Seven Lens Set

The MiniS4 line was developed to retain all the optical and mechanical characteristics of the S4 line, but with new industry segments in mind. Cooke recognized the budgetary constraints of productions that are not shooting high-budget television or film projects and released a lens that can be obtained at a lower price point with the trade-off of one stop in speed so smaller productions can achieve the "Cooke Look" without breaking the bank.

Includes the 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm

All lenses are a T2.8 with 87mm fronts with the exception of the 18mm at 110mm.

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